Cloud Computing

Cloud computing for small business

What is The Cloud?

‘The Cloud’ is a generic term that applies to any service that is provider over the internet or online as opposed to having physical hardware in your office. This service still must be hosted somewhere but on hardware that isn’t managed by you.

There are thousands of different cloud business services available, replacing every aspect of non-cloud computing. Cloud computing takes many different forms depending on what is right for your organisation. For example, if you currently have a Small Business Server in your office, it is likely providing your company with Email & Shared Files. You now have a couple of options, split these services off and migrate them to different cloud service providers, these providers manage everything for you, alternatively you can lift the whole server and host it with a cloud server provider.


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What are the advantages?

Generally speaking, all cloud services are more reliable, more secure and offer more features than the equivalent on-premises hosted server. In most cases, they prove to be cheaper as well.

I’ll give you two scenarios,

  1. A traditional on-premises small business server, for around 25 employees. Along with the server you also need a UPS (Backup battery) & air conditioning. You also have the hidden cost of electricity.
  2. Cloud based services for Email and File sharing.

Reliability – Typically cloud services are hosted across multiple state of the art data centres and managed by teams of engineers 24/7. In reality, you can’t hope for something similar when it comes to your own server.

Security – Think about your current server. Where is it? Is it securely locked away in a facility akin to fort Knox? Do you have 24/7 armed security, enterprise grade firewalls and a team of network security engineers? Most data centres do!

Cost – The cost of cloud services may not always be cheaper but they are certainly more transparent, typically costs are per user per month, when you add a new member of staff you know exactly how much it’s going to cost, there is no big upgrade cost for a new server when you have outgrown the system, just keep adding users. Need to suddenly cut down your workforce, no problem, just pay less.

Where once cloud computing was a niche area and on-premises servers were the backbone of all small businesses, the tide has turned, on-premises servers are now becoming niche, reserved for only those with the poorest of internet connections.


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cloud computing for business

Cloud computing gives another huge and often ignored benefit, once your office infrastructure is no longer in the office, you become free. Want to add a new office? No problem. Want to work from home? It’s exactly the same as working in the office. Want to add 1,000 new staff? Easy, at the push of a button.

If your office burns down, again not a problem. Find a new building and you are good to go, your entire infrastructure is ready for you!

Cloud really is the way forward, it opens endless possibilities of communication, collaboration and creativity, now is the chance to get on board.



Our Cloud Services:

At Asquick IT we have the experience, skills and flexibility to assess the needs and wants of your small to medium sized business. We will work with you to find a cloud based solution that enhances your business capabilities with your budget and requirements in mind, not based on the marketing of large corporations pushing their (expensive) solutions.. We have implemented the following setups for other clients:

Cloud based file sharing – You don’t need to have a server to be able to easily share files among employees at your company, if you are looking for; easy remote access, easy collaboration and hassle-free backups consider leveraging the cloud for file sharing.
Cloud based email – Where once local email servers reigned supreme, the flexibility, security, ease of use and cost benefits of a cloud based email system has won out, who can argue with more features at lower cost.
Full cloud based server solutions – Email, Files, Databases, Business Applications and more can all be cloud hosted, there is almost nothing that now required a physical server in your office.

We understand there is not a one size fits all solution and will implement the best fit for your business.

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