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AsQuick computers offer full computer virus removal and protection services in the Brisbane area. We are experienced specialists in removing viruses, no matter how complex. We firmly believe however that the first defense against computer viruses is user education followed by up to date, trustworthy, anti-virus software.
If you are currently unsure if your laptop, computer, phone or tablet is protected get in touch with one of the team today, we supply industry standard security software to home users. Prevention is better than a post virus clean-up. In our Aspley computer repair center we have all the tools ready to rid your device from computer virus or malware.


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So here are some questions we will answer below:

  • What is a computer virus?
  • What’s the difference between spyware, malware & ransom-ware?
  • How do I protect myself and what should I do when I get a virus?

What is a Computer virus?

A computer virus in its simplest term is a piece of unwanted software. Generally, viruses exist to make money in one form or another. There are a few main ways virus makers attempt to make money.

1. Identity theft – Some computer viruses exist purely to steal personal information from you when you use your computer, information such as bank details, personal details and website login information can be utilized by the virus creator or sold on to the highest bidder. Identity theft is rampant on the internet so we need to take steps to protect ourselves.

2. Pop-Ups & Adverts – There is a category of viruses that exist to show you fake pop-ups and insert advertisements into your system. These are generally pretty harmless albeit annoying, you might see something like a pop-up alerting you to the fact that there are x amount of errors with your system, click here to buy this software that will fix it. In the majority of cases all you are doing is buying a useless and un-necessary application. Our virus removal service can help you in removing these!

3. Ransomware – The new kid on the block, ransomware is being increasing utilized to extract money from users, businesses and governments alike. Recent high profile cases have attacked large companies and even the UK Health Service. How does it work? When you get ransomware, the virus will encrypt (lock) all your files. They will then store a copy of the key required to unencrypt (unlock) the files on their server. For a cost ($300 – $2100) they will give you the key to unlock your files.

Ransomware is particularly potent because once the files have been encrypted there is no way to unencrypt them without the key. If you don’t have backups you must pay the ransom or lose your files. Talk to us first if you have been infected and recieved a ransomware message!

Do you suspect you have a virus?  Call us now for help on 07 3350 6555 or drop your computer at our Aspley (Brisbane North) workshop.

How do I get viruses?

There are a few common ways most users get computer viruses, at this point it’s worth remembering that viruses cannot install themselves, so most are designed to trick you into installing them,
1. Email Attachments – Email attachments are now the number 1 delivery method for all types of viruses across the internet. Stick to our simple rules and you’ll be much better off;

i. If you don’t recognise the sender, don’t open the attachment, at the very least try and confirm who they are

ii. If you aren’t expecting an attachment, don’t open it, even if it’s from someone you know.
iii. If you still aren’t sure, try and speak to the person who has sent the email to confirm.

2. As a Trojan – Remember the old Greek story of the soldiers who hid inside a gift horse to get into a castle, viruses do this too. They will modify versions of legitimate software so that when you install them you also get a copy of the virus. Our advice is to be extremely careful when installing software, make sure you always download programs from trusted sources.


So what can I do, and how does computer virus removal service work?virus removal

We don’t want you to fear the internet, generally it’s a safe place, just be sensible. Received an email from someone you don’t know with an attachment? Don’t open it. Downloading software from a company you have never heard of? Be careful, check online reviews or check with us.
If you suspect your computer has been infected: shut it down as soon as possible and call the experts!

Make sure to do regular backups. These backups need to be on one or more separate drives, CD or DVD, or cloud based. If you use cloud based storage make sure you can have a “data retention policy” This means that you don’t keep overwriting your backup, but have several older copies available so you have multiple reset point in the past. We can help you choose the best cloud data storage solutionand configure it for you!

We also want you to know it’s not the end of the world if you do get a computer virus, it happens to everyone. But we do want you to know that when it does happen, we are here. You can trust in AsQuick Computers to do the computer virus removal  in Brisbane and leave your computer or laptop virus free.

Call Asquick now on 07 3350 6555 and let us catch the bugs for you! We cover the wider Brisbane area!