Windows Server Support

Windows Server SupportWindows Server Support

AsQuick IT, based in Brisbane offer a full range of Windows Server Support  options to small and medium sized businesses. We can install, upgrade, migrate & monitor any version of Windows Server.

We work to Microsoft’s best practices to pro-actively monitor and pre-emptively patch the operating system before issues strike. We implement and manage server backups, and when something does go wrong we offer remote and on-site server support.

We have a keen eye for security and will ensure your server is properly protected, our own state of the art 24 x 7 monitoring software ensures you are always getting the most out of your windows server.

A Windows server is the work-horse of any small business network, chances are if you have a server it’s a Windows one. A Windows server correctly configured can provide all of the services a business needs from file sharing, user management, email, remote access and more.

For excellent Windows Server Support in Brisbane and South East Queensland: Call us on 07 3350 6555 

A server like this, that provides all of the services your business needs must be looked after correctly which is why AsQuick IT offer all of the following services:  

  1. 24 x 7 Monitoring – Using our own software we monitor your critical business systems all day every day, we monitor for uptime, performance and other errors and warnings.
  2. Patch Management – With the huge number of services that a Windows server can run there is a huge number of regular feature and security updates available. Windows server updates are extremely critical, they protect your server and data from various exploits and vulnerabilities.
  3. Anti-Virus Management – Servers are even more important to protect against the threat of viruses than desktops, which is why we protect them using state of the art, server grade anti-virus software.
  4. Server Backups – No server is complete without a decent backup plan, AsQuick computers can configure your backups to your requirements to ensure that in the event of an emergency or lost data that all of your business files are fully recoverable.
  5. Data retention policies – A single backup is almost as bad as not having a backup at all, we will carefully setup a retention policy that ensures you will always be able to recover data no matter the failure by using multiple on and offsite backup techniques.
  6. Network & Server Threshold monitoring (Pro-Active Monitoring) – We set appropriate threshold limits for all core performance indicators across your network and servers, this allows us to respond and take action to potential performance issues before they impact your business.
  7. Network security – You can’t protect your network with a ‘set and forget’ attitude, network attacks are constantly changing and evolving, network security must keep up with the latest issues.
  8. Onsite hardware maintenance and software support – Most of our work can be completed remotely, when required we are able to come on site, for example faulty hardware. We highly recommend that we arrange for regular ‘floor walking visits’ from one of our highly qualified technicians, this ‘boots on the ground’ approach often allows us to react to issues that might have gone up reported but could still be having a major impact on work efficiency.
  9. Hardware upgrades and replacement – while good proactive monitoring can prolong the extend of most IT hardware eventuality it comes time to replace or upgrade, workstations, servers, printers, networking hardware, etc… When this time comes you can be rest assured that a member of our team will run you through any options available to you and will then come on site to make the upgrade.

Asquick IT Windows Server Support Brisbane is ready to answer all your questions regarding windows based servers: Exchange Server, File server, Windows SME server, Windows SQL server, Remote Desktop and much more. Working with lots of different small and medium businesses has exposed us to many systems including various legacy software, and we have learned to integrate these with newer operating systems.  We are more than happy to discuss your environment with you and see if we can be of assistance.

For an obligation free discussion of your needs regarding Server Support: Contact Us or Call Us on 07 3350 6555

Asquick IT will service and support your Windows servers in South East Queensland from Gold Coast to Sunshine coast onsite or remote with our specialised Windows server management software.