Cyber Security Awareness Training

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Arm Your Employees

Cyber security software does not prevent all malicious attacks.
Employees are frequently targeted by online criminals using tactics such as:

Staff are on the frontline in protecting your business against online threats.

Keeping your company assets safe requires increased awareness, on-going monitoring and professional cyber security training.

Don’t Be A Cyber Security Statistic

AsQuick IT offers advanced cyber security training to small and medium sized enterprises in Brisbane and around the country.
Using engaging story-based lessons, our training modules transform the security culture at your business.

Improved Awareness on all Levels

Teach employees skills to prevent your business from becoming a cybercrime victim.


Password Security

Employees are taught effective password policies to protect digital assets. The importance of using strong, unique passwords and multi-factor authentication to prevent hackers breaching systems is covered along with other password management policies.


Phishing Prevention

We teach employees to recognize phishing attacks by being cautious when downloading attachments or clicking on links in emails. Skills to Identify suspicious websites to avoid malware infections are also taught.


Managing Software Threats

Users are made aware of malicious software risks to reduce potential threats. From best practice software installation guidelines to practical advice on maintaining safe browsing habits, staff are taught to enhance overall business security posture.


Ransomware Awareness

Employees are made aware of encryption concepts and given strategies to avoid attacks. We empower users to navigate ransomware threats to improve data protection.


Social Media Safety

We teach the importance of sharing information online, maintaining strict privacy settings and avoiding interactions with unknown individuals to minimise data leakage and cyber stalking risks.


Social Engineering Prevention

Staff are educated about deceptive tactics and critical thinking is promoted to foster a security-first organisational culture to thwart manipulation and unauthorised access.


Incident Reporting & Response

Employees are shown why it’s important to report cyber security incidents to quickly detect and address security breaches to mitigate operations and reputational impacts.


Physical Security

Physical security measures are the foundation of digital security. Teams are taught the importance of securing workspaces, implementing access controls and carefully disposing of sensitive documents.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

There has never been a more important time to take action. New cyber threats are emerging everyday representing major risks for Australian businesses. Start protecting your organization against the massive online crimewave and contact AsQuick IT for professional cyber security training now.

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