Network Management

Network management for your Brisbane business.

Whether an existing network or one we have just installed, AsQuick IT have a wide range of network management solutions to ensure the reliable and smooth running of your Brisbane business network.
We offer 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring of all the critical areas of your network, focusing on Bandwidth usage, performance and usage thresholds, alerts, suspicious network activity and other security.
Unfortunately, in this age of ever increasing and targeted network malware and viruses it’s not just a case of ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. Networks must be constantly monitored, patched and updated to keep them secure and running optimally.


AsQuick IT make use of state of the art solarwinds monitoring software, we monitor your network and servers for a variety of performance indicators.
Why is this worth doing? We don’t like waiting until something has broken before we know there is a problem. Think of this like the oil in your car, you wouldn’t want to wait until your engine seizes up before you know you’ve ran out of engine oil, having a low oil warning light allows you to correct the problem before it becomes catastrophic.
The same philosophy should apply to computers, networks and servers, would you rather you rather know in advance that a hard drive is failing or would you rather wait until the hard drive fails and all the data is lost before you know. Network Monitoring pays for itself.

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AsQuick  IT monitor hundreds of different data points on your network and servers from their North Brisbane network management installation brisbane north

Here are some of the key points that we monitor:

Disk – Usage, Failure pre-alerts, free space. As mentioned above it is critically important to know about hard drive failures BEFORE they happen. It’s also extremely useful to keep an eye on disk space usage in order to plan for additional space before drives fill up.

Bandwidth – Slow Internet? We can tell you who is using all the bandwidth, when and what they are doing. You may have a machine with a virus using all the available bandwidth or possibly an employee who is downloading large data files for personal use, we can narrow in on what’s happening and take action to ensure optimal performance of your business network.

Performance – By monitoring servers we are able to spot potential performance issues before they impact users and your business, we get alerts when servers start to use close to all of their available resources, we can then review the active processes and make changes before your company is brought to a halt. Using this data, we can then plan together with you various options to ensure you have adequate performance available to you in the future.


Network monitoring over the last couple of years has become one of the key tools to curbing network breaches, the spread of viruses and securing networks. Network monitoring is now more effective that anti-virus software in stopping the spread of viruses in a business environment.
Almost on a monthly basis we are hearing of new ‘Zero Day Exploits’ for various operating systems. What are these? ‘Zero Day Exploits’ are flaws in systems that have existed since when that system was released, for which there is no update to fix and that anti-virus makers are also unaware of. Until of one of the exploits is caught for the first time, anti-virus will not be able to protect you.
So how does network monitoring help to protect your business against these kinds of exploits? We can monitor suspicious and unusual activity within and out of your network. If suddenly one of your machines picks up a virus and starts to attempt to connect to all other machines on the network, in a way that is unusual for that machine then alarm bells are set off.
Once alerted we can then investigate the network activity to determine the cause, and then take appropriate measures to secure and clean up the network.
You can’t hope to never be victim to some kind of computer virus but you can give yourselves a fighting chance by putting yourself in a position to fight back.

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