Managed IT Services Brisbane

Cost effective Managed IT support in Brisbane for your Peace of mind!

At Asquick Computers Brisbane, we are real people working and living close to you. If you are a Small to Medium business in Brisbane and want a smooth, carefree IT solution, we can help.

Sure **IT happens! With our managed IT services and IT consulting services we will be on the job even before you are aware of it.  Our Enterprise class remote monitoring software has proven to have a high reliability in predicting problems: we know and fix even before you notice.

Hardware issues like hard drive starting to fail, network clogged or UPS battery end of life are picked up by the various monitoring sensors and alert us ahead of time. Depending on the  urgency of the message, we will take appropriate action and often we can fix before it breaks.

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So what are the advantages of using our Brisbane based IT managed services:

  • Secure network: we apply the latest updates, monitor (the absence of) antivirus and malware activity on your servers and network.
  • Increasing Productivity: 24/7/365 monitoring allows us to act before it breaks or slows down. This means increased productivity for you and your employees and reducing downtime.
  • Reduced Impact: Preventative maintenance and remote monitoring means we can act before it happens, or if **IT happens we know and can act even before you contact us.
  • Predictable Spending: A fixed monthly payment takes care of the IT support bill.


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What do our Managed IT services technicians do apart from drinking lots of coffee in our Brisbane office to make sure your IT systems are performing to their capacity?

  • 24/7/365 Integrated performance monitoring from our Network operations centre.

our software is constantly keeping track of what is happening on all managed sites throughout wider Brisbane, keeping an eye out for critical failures while delivering remote support or sending out technicians onsite when required.

  • Real-time monitoring and optimisation

Our system engineers in the network operations center use enterprise-class technology to know every moment of the day how your systems are running!

  • Preventative maintenance scheduling

Unfortunately, not everything can be done remotely. Our friendly, trained technicians will do onsite work as per contract to prevent problems or fix predicted or existing failing components.

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  • Security and backup Management

As a business your data is your life. We will make sure there is a working backup, onsite, offsite and or in the cloud as described in the contract. We will also test if the backups can be restored, we have seen too many times that the software is indicating that there is a backup done, to learn that restoring successfully is not possible.

  • Firewall, Virus and spam Management

To keep your network and data as safe and protected as possible, we make sure the latest virus, malware and antispam updates have been installed, your firewall is at maximum security minimising the risk of outside attacks, without compromising productivity.

  • Patch and update managementmanaged it services gold coast

By assuring the latest software updates have been installed, we minimise the risk of hardware and software glitches and security breeches.

  • Quarterly Reporting

As per contract, we will review and report on any issues we have prevented or fixed during the last quarter. If required we will discuss possible improvements based  on technical data analysis.

All you need to know:

Consider your network/infrastructure and server base as a car: all parts working together right now is great….Until it breaks. If you look at the disruption and count loss of production. Using our Brisbane managed it services makes business sense. Just like your car, preventative maintenance can help in keeping your systems running at their best. By making sure we know what is happening on your IT systems, we can avoid, predict and through that information make incident resolution less frequent.

With our network monitoring solution we monitor your network around the clock 365 days a year. The monitoring, together with our preventative maintenance, helps build a robust network that will increase productivity and create a better up-time for your business.

Let us explain to you how managed IT services can improve you bottom line: Call us on 07 3350 6555