Data Recovery Services

What to do if you lose files or your hard drive is damaged

Have you accidently deleted a file from your computer? Have you got a portable hard drive or memory card that no longer works? Let AsQuick Computers help!

Data Recovery Services

AsQuick computers offers a comprehensive data recovery service for home users. Whether you have lost a single file, email, video, album full of photos or an entire hard drives worth of data we can help!

Unless you’ve gone out of your way to make it so, a deleted file is never actually deleted. A computer hard drive is very much like a warehouse, the hard drive contains loads of files that are all over the place! To keep track of all the files on the hard drive it uses a file table to lookup file locations. When a file is deleted, to save time the system just deletes the record from the table and leaves the file where it is. Eventually the file will be overwritten naturally when a new file is created.

To restore a file, we must search through the hard drive finding files that are no longer stored in the file table. This is where AsQuick Computers comes in, using advanced data forensics we can find and restore your file or files.

In the case of a completely failed hard drive or a hardware fault, more advanced techniques are required, in this case we must first attempt a software recovery of the data using low level complex software tools. If we still can’t fix the broken hard drive at this point we will look at hardware repairs, swapping out various hardware components until we find the culprit!

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What should I do if I lose data?

  1. Relax – In the majority of cases we can successfully restore all missing data
  2. Stop – Shutdown your machine and leave it turned off, if you keep using your machine you may write over the deleted file.
  3. Contact AsQuick – Bring your machine to use or arrange for us to come to you, we will then start the data recovery process

What should I NOT do if I lose data?


  1. Install 3rd Party software to attempt to recover the files. There are two main reasons you don’t want to be installing ‘recovery’ software from the internet. Primarily this kind of software actually increases the risk of not being able to recover the data if not used correctly. Secondly so called ‘recovery’ software is renowned for harbouring malicious viruses.
  2. Use System Restore to try and recover your files. System restore is not a file backup, it doesn’t affect your files at all. Running system restore is almost guaranteed to make your files non-recoverable.
  3. Use your computer. The more you use your computer after losing data the lower the chance we can recover it.laptop repair near me

“My children accidentally deleted all of our holiday photos after we had already removed them from the camera. Having used AsQuick computers before I again turned to them to help me get my photos back! I’m so thankful that they managed to successfully recover my photos. Thank you AsQuick!” –


Sometimes data is not recoverable when deleted. Some mechanical faults cannot be fixed, sometimes deleted files are overwritten straight away. AsQuick computers always recommends configuring a comprehensive backup solution, remember “Failing to plan is planning to fail”.

Talk to us today to setup a backup for your machine and network so that you don’t find yourself requiring data recovery services in the future!

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