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When Should You Choose A Fix My Laptop Shop?

Laptops will inevitably break after some time. And while nothing is permanent, a broken laptop is more heartbreaking since you know how costly laptop repairs are. This will then lead you to ask this question: is my laptop still worth repairing or should I just buy a new one? This is something we get asked a lot here at our computer shop. While we always do our best to save your laptop, we also try to be direct and tell you when it’s time to purchase a new one. If your laptop broke and you’re looking to get it fixed, check this article out to know if it’s still worth to fix my laptop.

Assess the Situation

When your computer starts to malfunction, the first step is to find out what may be the problem. The internet is your best friend here: simply type in the symptoms, do further research, and you may find out what’s exactly wrong with your machine!

You can even ask a close family or friend for help if tech-related things aren’t your forte. As a last resort, you can always come to us and allow us to inspect your PC. Once we’ve figured out what’s wrong with your laptop, consider the following before making a decision:

Costs of Repair

We think this is the most crucial thing to evaluate. If you’re looking to fix my laptop, a good rule of thumb is to make sure that repairs won’t cost more than a third of purchasing a new model. If it does, then repairs shouldn’t even be an option. 

You can also try comparing your current laptop to the new one you’re eyeing. For example, is the new one lighter? Does it have a faster processor or a higher RAM?

Age of the Laptop 

Your laptop is still a good candidate for repairs if it’s less than 2 years old. If it’s somewhere between 3 to 4 years, you can decide to get it fixed or buy a new one instead: this is where comparing laptop specs helps. But if your current laptop is 5 years or more, we think going the fix my laptop route is useless.

The Severity of the Problem 

Our computer shop can have your laptop sorted out if it’s just a simple hard drive issue. But if it’s something very complicated like a broken motherboard, a repair job may not be the best idea.

PC Warranty 

Double-check if your laptop is still under warranty. If it is, repair costs may still be covered depending on the issue. If not, some laptop manufacturers can offer to extend the warranty for free (as long as it just expired recently) or for a small fee. The bottom line is, never spend on any repair costs until you’re 100% sure that your machine is no longer under warranty.

Fix My Laptop: What to Consider 

fix my laptop

Say you’ve done thorough research, estimated your expenses, and chose to have your laptop fixed. Great! Ask yourself these questions before proceeding with the repair:

What is Their Repair Warranty?

Most computer repair shops offer a 90-day warranty. Meaning, we’ll happily fix your machine if it breaks again within the said period.

How Fast Can They Repair My Laptop? 

The majority of our laptop repairs only last a few hours. However, it still depends on how great the damage is. If you fall under this category, can you wait for days or weeks for your laptop to get fixed? Do you have another PC you can use while we’re fixing your machine? 

Will They Perform Backups? 

Taking the fix my laptop route is a bit risky: like, what will happen to your important files? This is why we always recommend using Office 365 so you’re confident your files are safe when mishaps happen.

But don’t worry: we always make sure to perform backups first before every repair job so you don’t need to stress over losing your documents. 

How Secure is Their Shop? 

Unfortunately, some computer shops have low security measures making it easy for thieves to enter. You may want to consider this factor when looking for a PC store.

How are Their Online Reviews? 

If you do this when looking at a new film, cafe, etc, why not do it for a computer repair shop as well? We’ve been providing our clients with quality and expert service over the years. You can check our online reviews to learn more about our work ethics.

Why Choose AsQuick IT for Your Fix My Laptop Needs?

There are various reasons why a laptop decides to break. If you’re one of those people torn between buying a new computer or just going the repair route, we hope this post helped you to finally reach a decision. For laptop repairs and other concerns regarding IT, don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can assist you right away.

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