Office 365 Consulting Brisbane

Microsoft Office 365 Consulting Brisbane:  Bringing your business to the cloud!


At Asquick IT we are arguably the best Office 365 consulting Brisbane based in Brisbane North with over 12 years of expertise.

Office 365 Consulting Brisbane


Our experts work meticulously with clients in the region to define, apply as well as offer Office 365 consulting in order to drive commercial success.

AsQuick helps you make the crucial jump to O365. We understand that the heart of any enterprise in Brisbane lies with Office 365.

Your internal IT specialists cannot do everything, and that is why we urge you to use our latest Office 365 tools to increase productivity as well as increase worker output.

What is Office 365?

It is an integrated platform of apps and services. This cloud based platform is intended to help you and your business grow technologically.

O365 allows you to get apps like PowerPoint, Excel, Word and more anywhere anytime on your mobile devices or PC.

It is updated monthly with security updates and cutting-edge features. You can use Cloud powered email to contact your employees and customers wherever work takes you.

Office 365 allows you to work together in Microsoft teams. You can easily organise meetings, chat and share files on the go.

With O365, you have more than enough time to develop your business and be able to achieve more in the future.


Office 365 Consultancy


Office 365 Migration

Are you planning to migrate from your traditional infrastructure to Office 365? We are the consultancy firm that can help you do it right and easy.

We are going to help you evaluate your existing environment to ensure that it is capable of supporting Cloud-based solutions, such as Office 365.

We can evaluate your

  • Network traffic capabilities
  • Versions of software
  • Internet speed
  • User account, data size, and user roles

We also help you identify who and what will be affected by your migration. We will break down the evaluation by department.

Once we know that your environment is capable of supporting the migration, we will help you choose the perfect migration method for your business, including:

  • Cutover migration
  • Staged migration
  • Hybrid migration
  • IMAP migration


SharePoint Online

This is a self-service software that is integrated in Office 365. We help you remotely configure as well as interact with SharePoint Online instances.

This enterprise allows you not only to share, but also manage applications, knowledge, and content in order to empower teamwork in your organization.

AsQuick O365 specialists will provide you with expert advice regarding which SharePoint Online option to choose.

SharePoint Online includes:

  • At least one terabyte of cloud storage
  • External sharing of content and files
  • Manage and organise content in lists and libraries
  • Team sites for organising and collaborating on new data, and content
  • Communication sites for communicating and sharing group message
  • Engaging and informing your business with sites and intranets
  • Mobile apps that allow you to access content, team sites, and intranets
  • Allows you to automate your business processes with workflows and alerts
  • In-place hold feature allows you to prevent content editing or deletion
  • DLP capabilities that allow you to identify, monitor as well as protect information
  • eDiscovery allows you to find electronic content for audit or litigation


Exchange Online

This enterprise is available as part of the O365 plan. Exchange Online enables you and your business to work smoother with hosted email anywhere.

You need our Office 365 consulting Brisbane expert advice to choose an Exchange Online plan that best suits your business.

With the help of our consultancy, you will be able to enjoy the security and reliability offered by Exchange Online.

Exchange Online enables you to stay in control by allowing you to manage your business effectively with a web-based interface that is remarkably easy to use.

This is probably the easiest resource to use as well as maintain. Automatic patching makes maintaining your business’ system super easy.

Users are able of keeping all their vital information in a single place. They also get access to contacts, calendar, and email anywhere.

There are three major plans we can help you choose, including:

  • Plan 1: Includes reliable and secure business-based email with a mailbox storage of 50 GB per user.
  • Plan 2: In addition to what is included in the first plan, you get data loss prevention, hosted voicemail, and unlimited storage.
  • Plan 3: This is the Office 365 Business Premium, which includes all features of Plan 1 along with video conferencing, one terabyte file storage, and a fully installed Office.


Cloud Computing

We have highly skilled and experienced consultants who can provide you with numerous consulting services that help your business capitalise on Office 365 and Cloud Computing.

Our consultancy services help you identify applications that can be hosted in the Cloud along with the best fit Cloud technologies.

Generally, our Office 365 Consulting Brisbane helps you achieve the following:

  • Understand the various deployments of Cloud Computing, including hybrid, public, and private.
  • Decide which deployment is ideal for your business and evaluate costs for each deployment.
  • Learn how to incorporate Cloud Computing into your business processes and infrastructure.


Other Consultancy Services

Additionally, we offer consultancy services and office 365 support Brisbane for:

  • Collaboration
  • Forms
  • Planner
  • Delve
  • Help desk


Do we sound like the perfect Office 365 consulting Brisbane firm for you? If we are, don’t hesitate, pick up your phone and call us today.








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