Hardware Support

Computer Technical Support Services Brisbane

AsQuick IT offer a comprehensive range of IT Hardware Support options, from support, to installation to repair. When it comes to hardware we know our stuff. 

  • Hardware SupportOur services include the support, installation and repair of:

  • Networking Kit
  • Computers / Servers
  • Phone Systems
  • Much much more.

If you have any questions related to IT Hardware, get in touch on 07 3350 6555.

Networking Kit

A computer network is something that needs to be planned from the ground up, if you want an efficient, reliable and high-performance network infrastructure you need to call in the professionals. We cover all aspects of network installation.

Cabling – Network cabling provides the backbone of your network. This is something you need to get right first time, pulling network cable and replacing it a couple of years down the line because you didn’t put fast enough cables in is an expensive business. The cabling you put it now will likely determine the network speeds you will get for the next 10 years.

WiFi – It’s not always possible, feasible or sensible to cable all of your computers into the network, AsQuick IT are experts in WiFi installation. We can install professional grade WiFi solutions that in lots of cases replace cabling all together. If you are looking to provide WiFi to guests or visitors we can setup secure guest portal access. Did you know you can link multiple buildings together using point to point WiFi? Talk to us today to find out more.

Routers – Having planned the rest of your network and arranged your internet connection, we will know the exact router and configuration you need to get the most out of your internet speeds.

Switches – The final piece of the networking puzzle, switches join all of the cabling together, with the right switch you can segregate sections of your network for security and even provide power to phones.

Contact Us if you need any information on Hardware Support: Our Technical support services Brisbane will be happy to assist!


We prove a range of computer hardware solutions and services.

  • Windows Servers – The brain of your network, we can provide and install a wide range of server hardware and server software to fit your needs, including options for high availability, remote access and backup.
  • UPSUninterruptible Power Supplies Brisbane: if you are victim to regular brownouts you might consider a battery backup for all of your kit, in most cases we recommend that all servers get a UPS to ensure data is not corrupted when the power goes down. 
  • Desktops / Laptops – The right desktop / laptop can do wonders for your employees work efficiency, even slight performance increases add up throughout the day. Speak to us today for a hardware consultation. We can do fixed price laptop and screen repairs in our Aspley based workshop for you.
  • Tablets – Did you know you can now get tablets that are more powerful than most laptops and desktop and can run any of the same software while also allowing you write, present and really work on the move? Maybe it’s time to make the switch to tablet computers. And if your ipad or tablet has fallen, our IT workshop in Aspley, Brisbane Northside will be happy to give you a free quote for repair.

Phone Systems

AsQuick IT have experience providing both traditional and IP based phone systems.

Traditional Phone System – In this scenario you’ll have a phone server (Physical bit of kit) with dedicated phone lines coming in, staff will each have phones on their desks, you can setup call menus, voicemail and so on. These are great when you are looking for an upgrade from a single phone line but don’t have a good internet connection

IP / Internet Based Phone System – In this scenario you can either have a cloud based or local phone server, phones connect to the server over your existing IT network. Often you can use apps on mobile phones so you can be on the company phone system on the go. IP Based phone systems are typically cheaper to install and cheaper on the phone cost. You really do need good internet for an IP based phone system.  Talk to one of our engineers to see if your internet is up to the task.

As you can see we support a wide range of hardware, if you have any questions give us a call today on 07 3350 6555!