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AsQuick IT offer a full range of software IT solutions including sales, installation and support. We offer this service from our Brisbane (Aspley) based workshop or onsite IT support. Software is just as important as the hardware that it runs on in terms of performance, security and business efficiency. The right software implemented correctly and in line with your business goals can significantly increase your business output while the wrong software implemented incorrectly can significantly reduce it.

What do we mean when we talk about software?

There are two main types of software:

Operating System – The operating system is the core software that runs your computer, this is the first thing that you see when you boot up your laptop, desktop or server. An operating system is required to run any other software, you’ll likely be aware of the various Windows Operating Systems: Windows 7, 8, 10 etc.. but others are available for more niche applications.

Programs / Applications – Operating systems provide hardware with a base set of features such as networking and printing, to get more out of your machine you need to install additional applications for example; Word, Excel, MYOB, QuickBooks,Autocad and so on. These applications provide all sorts of specialised features to your business.

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Our Software IT solutions Brisbane:

IT Software selection and solution sales can be broken down into 4 stages:Software IT Solutions Brisbane 

Before we get to costing & licensing it’s important to understand what you need. From your requirements, we can discuss various software options. Once we have an idea of what software solution fits your bill we can then look at the requirements of the software, for example we may need to look at performance and or operating system upgrades. The full picture will give us the best software IT solution to suit your business in the wider Brisbane area.

Software Licensing and sales is a complete minefield, each vendor often has various ways you can buy their licenses at all sorts of different price points, Microsoft for example has over 5 different ways you can purchase the same type of license, the type you chose will determine: the price you pay, what features you get, what upgrade and downgrade rights you have and more. Use AsQuick IT as your trusted partner to guide you through the licensing minefield.

When installing new software throughout your business it’s important that the proper processes are planned for and then followed, a typical software installation plan may go something like this.

  1. Review software requirements
  2. Upgrade IT servers and business  or pesonal computers and software that don’t hit the requirements
  3. Consult with various key users in each department to make sure the software solution will work for them
  4. Conduct user training on the (new) IT software.
  5. Roll out the software solution to a test machine to ensure no compatibility issues with existing software / hardware
  6. Roll out software to a test group of users
  7. Address any issues that come up in the test
  8. Roll out software to all users, also have a technician onsite ‘floor walking’ to deal with any minor issues that come up.
  9. Implement a software update policy. Most software requires incremental upgrades over time, it’s important that a method for rolling these out is planned for
  10. Document everything.

We might even recommend a ‘floor walking’ follow up a month or so down the line to make sure that there are no other issues that haven’t been reported. As you can see there are numerous steps involved in a successful software upgrade / installation, it’s important that these steps are followed.

Software Support Brisbane
With extensive experience in all major operating systems and most popular business applications AsQuick IT are able to offer ongoing support, both technical and user based. Talk to us today for more information.

AsQuick IT will work with your supplier to integrate any software in your current environment, new software may require new servers or networking configuration, let us do this for you. We have extensive experience in integrating older software into newer operating systems and vice versa.

Contact us today or call today on 07 3350 6555 for a consultation on your business software! We service the wider Brisbane area.