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AsQuick Computers Brisbane offer a full range of data network installation in Brisbane and network management services in Brisbane. Whether you need help installing or a complete managed network (lan) or internet (WAN) solution we can help. From the cabling, to switches (the boxes that connect all the cables together)to the Router (this connects you to the internet, to WiFi! When it comes to networking we are the experts you need.

Whether you are moving into a new office and want someone to install and manage and design your entire data network or are just looking to make small additions, AsQuick computers can be trusted with your networking needs.

Data (Network) Cabling Data Network Installation Brisbane

The cables in your walls have just as much impact on the speed of your internet as the network hardware and internet line that you have. AsQuick computers use experienced data cablers, who approach networks from a reliability and speed point of view.

We don’t just install the data network cabling, before work starts we will design the entire network that includes cabling (from patch panel to wall), switches (managed by us) and routers. We will ensure you have a business network suitable for you, always considering performance, speed and security.

Where required we can implement multiple ‘virtual networks’ over one physically cabled network, companies that require extra security or need to meet compliance goals often require these higher security measures.


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In today’s modern office, the internet is possibly the most valuable service that you use, it connects your business to all other businesses via email and the web. AsQuick computers will configure your internet connection to ensure you get the most out of it, slow internet equals slow work.

Did you know there are many different types of internet available to businesses depending on their needs;
ADSL: – This the oldest current standard of internet, suitable only for small offices with little reliance on the internet for day to day business. Speed will be slow, and large emails could choke the line. This kind of internet certainly isn’t suitable or reliable enough to make use of cloud computing systems, cloud backups or VoIP (e.g. Skype) calls.

NBN: National Broadband Network. ADSL will be phased out to be replaced by NBN: It is important if you are getting new ADSL connections now  we will make sure your router will be compatible with the new NBN network if it is not yet  available in you area. NBN offers superior speeds and reliability at a similar or better cost.

Fibre – A much better option for most businesses than ADSL, Fibre internet offers faster speeds and more reliability, speed will be suitable for a small to medium sized company. Fibre is suitable for running a couple of servers and making use of cloud computing systems and VoIP calls.Data Network Installation Brisbane

Both Fibre & ADSL are typically offered on customer style contracts, what this means is that they often don’t offer very tight guarantees of service, for example if you’ve ever had a major internet outage at your home it may have taken a few days to fix, this is the same for these kinds of connections. Our final option is,
Leased Lines – These are Fibre connections but dedicated to your business, they normally come all the way from the exchange directly to you. You can expect much faster speeds (whatever you are willing to pay for) and much faster upload speeds which is ideal for hosting multiple servers that need to be accessed out of the office. Leased lines are perfect for accessing critical cloud based services as well as utilizing cloud backups. When a leased line goes down it will have a much tighter guaranteed fix time, normally in the 4-hour range.
If internet is really important to your business we are able to setup failover lines, for example if you have a fibre connection we might suggest that you also get an ADSL line to act as a backup in case of failure, these setups can be complex and vary on a case to case basis.

Wireless Networks Brisbane:

WiFi is a crucial part of any business network, whether for internal employees, guests or clients to use. It’s also extremely important to get the WiFi configuration correct.Wireless networks must be carefully planned to ensure sufficient coverage of required areas, they must also be suitable secured to prevent unauthorised access. In particular, when it comes to guest or non-employee access we must ensure that access to the core business network is prohibited to avoid system breaches. We can also provide WIFI for public places, e.g. cafe’s and hotels. These wifi solutions can be tailored to your needs: free, paid, restricted etc.  Talk to our technicians today to discuss your requirements. From our Data centre in Aspley, we service the Brisbane area from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast!

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