Windows Server Repair Brisbane

Windows Server Repair Brisbane – Ask the Experts at Asquick IT

Asquick IT is a professional, dedicated and friendly team of IT prodigies who specialise in IT Support, Windows Server Repair Brisbane and Computer Repair Services.

We work with both business enterprises and homes. We are located in Aspley, Brisbane. But we also provide Windows Server Support to the surrounding areas.

We believe in providing good IT support to everyone, including small businesses at a reasonable cost. To us, all businesses and homes deserve the same quality of service.

Asquick IT install, maintain, support and repair Windows based servers from Windows NT4 to Windows Server 2019.

Understanding Windows Server Editions

As professional technicians, we believe you need to understand the different editions of Windows Server Software available on the market and what they do.

We believe this information can help you ask the appropriate Windows Server Repair Brisbane from us. This will help us understand what repairs or upgrades to systems you want.

What is a Server? A server is simply a computer that provides services to other computers on your network. So, if you have a computer with a shared folder and people can access that folder, you have a server.

A Windows Server is basically an operating system that is optimised to provide services to network clients. Some of the roles that a server conducts are:

  • Active Directory
  • DHCP
  • File and Storage
  • Print Services
  • Windows Update Services

A standard Active Directory Windows Server can support up to ten thousand user accounts. When we start talking about the server operating systems, we are talking about:

  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2000
Windows Server repair Brisbane
Windows Server repair Brisbane

Who Needs Windows Server Repair Brisbane & Management

We offer the same quality of Windows Server Repair Brisbane service to anyone who uses a Windows server to meet his or her daily business requirements in Brisbane. This includes:

  • Small businesses
  • Beginners with server requirements
  • Large businesses
  • Web-based businesses
  • Home-based businesses

Why You Need Server Repair Services

You probably have a round-the-clock server administrator who helps to handle emerging issues and keep your servers updated.

But, can that one person handle the complexities of repairing a Windows Server? From technical failures to security breaches, your server is vulnerable to a myriad of threats daily.

The technical failures can be repaired and threats prevented with a sound Windows Server Repair Brisbane. You can trust Asquick IT as a spur for growth.

We offer:

  • Exert server repair strategies
  • Enhanced security
  • Cost-effective repair solutions
  • Faster and reliable results
  • Better server support and management
  • 24/7 availability
  • Increased focus on your business goals


We handle the following Windows Server glitches:

  • Server crashes
  • Slow performance
  • Difficulty accessing files
  • Server locks up or freezes
  • Excessive intrusions
  • Recurring technical problems
  • Inconsistent email capability
  • Unreliable printing capability
  • Failure to perform a simple task
  • Network problems
  • Hardware malfunction
  • Virus attack
  • Software incompatibility

Computer server repair brisbane

Our Server Repairs and Maintenance Procedures

Our Windows Server Repair Brisbane experts use several diagnostic techniques and procedures that are formulated to quickly and effectively identify glitches in server software and hardware.

Depending on the main cause of the problem, be it a virus attack, software incompatibility or hardware malfunction. Our experts might have to conduct the following repair techniques:

  • Computer virus removal
  • Operating system reinstallation
  • Server software upgrade
  • Server hardware upgrade
  • Hardware replacement
  • Comprehensive diagnostic analysis

In addition to Windows Server repairs, we also offer comprehensive maintenance procedures that will ensure you don’t experience problems in the near future.

Our maintenance and support procedures that you can rely on include:

  • Server Side Software Setup
  • Server Connectivity with Your Network
  • Server Room Setup
  • Server Installation and Maintenance
  • Hardware Upgrades and Replacement
  • Onsite Hardware Maintenance and Software Support
  • Network Security
  • Network and Server Threshold Monitoring
  • Data Retention Policies
  • Server Backups
  • Anti-Virus Management
  • Patch Management
  • 24/7 Monitoring


Benefits of Our Windows Server Repair Services

#1 Reduced Downtime

Our Windows Server repair and maintenance experts are available for repairs and maintenance both day and night.

#2 Patch Management

After all the repairs are done, our IT experts will make sure all your servers are correctly patched with modern security updates.

#3 Managed Backups

Our Windows Server gurus will set up as well as configure all your onsite backups. They will also monitor the backups for any technical issues or failures.

#4 Flexible Maintenance

We won’t interfere with your business hours. Instead, we will conduct our services out of business hours.

#5 On-Site Support

We are available to provide on-site support within the shortest time possible for 100% of critical requests. We guarantee to be there as soon as possible.


Are you suspecting any glitches in your Windows Server operations? Book an appointment today for our Windows Server Repair Brisbane.

Asquick IT delivers IT Support in Brisbaneand  business it support from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast.



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