Home computer repairs

Home computers are a class of microcomputer that consumers get at affordable price and is accessible computer that were intended for the use of a single nontechnical user. Over the years the purchase and need to acquire a home computer has increase rapidly and as we know these garget wears out over time which calls for the need to regularly service and repair them. This have brought the need for home computer repairs services a vital industry in the market as many prefer to work from home or take the late work at office home for completion instead of working overtime at work place. When these computer start generating issues the comfort of working from home or taking the remaining job home becomes a problem, and we are here to offer the best service to keep you comfortable while working at home as we offer all forms of home computer repairs services. Still home computer competed in the same market as the consoles. A home computer was often seen as simply as a higher end purchase than a console, adding abilities and productivity potentials to what would still be mainly a gaming device.

Below are a few of the home computer repairs & services we provide

• Virus, malware and spyware removal

The use of computer at home could be affected by virus and malware infection which could be very frustrating due to the computer not functioning properly and costing you a lot of money and time by taking the elsewhere to done, this has made home computer repairs vital and this service can be offer here by our professionals to keep your home computer working excellently.

• Wireless network installation


The use of wireless network at home over the years increases rapidly and is still increasing as many are embarking on the use of home wireless network every day. This has increase the need for technicians that can offer an excellent installation skills as there is a great difference between a poorly installed wireless network and a perfectly install as home computer repair can offer you the best service in installation of wireless networks.


• Data recovery

Having a home computer could incur many consequences as those with kids could see their important file deleted accidental or formatted hard disk or corrupted files, this also can happen among adults not just kids alone which will lead to the need for professional on the recovery of data which we can offer an excellent service here at home computer repairs and you will not have to lose that file permanently.


• System backup service


make the task of protecting your data difficult and complex, but as it sometimes inevitable for mistake to happen in work places the need for system backup service has become as important as purchasing the computer itself, because of what use could the computer be if accidentally one day you lose all the file you have been working over the years. This has made our services here at home computer repairs important as we will offer you best of service there is to offer.

home computer repair

• Home computer repair  & Laptop repair

Nowadays it is rare to enter a home without laptop device and we know that this device wears out at some point, when this happens there is need for replacement or repair of those parts having the issue as we at home computer repair can offer you and excellent job on that. This problem could arise in much form
1. Hard drive repair or replacement
2. CD ROM replacement
3. Motherboard repairs
4. Software solution etc

• Desktop repair

The use of desktop device at home can also sometime require a technician for repair there is a problem on it, this can be taking care of here at home computer repairs as we have professional to give the perfect job to keep your desktop working smoothly for your everyday business and pleasure.

• Hardware installation

The use of computer at home may require a professional for installation before it can be used as not everyone can install a computer properly as we at home computer repairs can offer you an excellent job from our professional.

• Software installation

The installation of software on our home computer can be quite difficult as not everyone can properly install software on a computer and most importantly some software requires extra skill for it to install, without the technical knowledge one will not be able to install it. This issue can be resolve at home computer repair as we are at your service.
The need for a smooth functioning computer at home is based on the technician operation it to keep it working properly every day.


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