IT Support Services For All Queensland Businesses

What IT Support Services Do We Provide?

IT services play an essential role in today’s modern businesses. If your business depends on tech in any way, our services can determine your company’s success. And since our services include a range of subjects and fields, we are key to making your IT operations run as smoothly as possible. We at AsQuick IT offer a variety of IT services depending on what your business needs. So what kinds of IT services do we have, anyway? This article discusses what we offer, what they’re for, how to get the most of our services, and guidelines on whether or not you need IT support services.

What IT Services Can You Expect from Our Company?

IT Support Services

We offer a variety of services, including:

Managed IT Services

A wide, all-encompassing service, these usually handle remote servers, desktops, and device management. Managed IT services are typically used for remote cybersecurity.

Cloud Backup

The cloud is a versatile platform that can support several virtual services, including programs and operating systems. It allows you to store your and your company’s personal data on external cloud servers, in case of hardware problems or other issues. We typically offer cloud backup services with a fixed monthly or annual fee.

Office 365 and Email Services

This is one of our main IT support services. Microsoft’s all-inclusive software package, office 365 is perfect if your business needs diverse software for organizing documents. It’s also called a SaaS, or software as a service model, that operates on a cloud server. This is a good choice if your business relies heavily on email communication.

Monitoring Services

These are exactly as they sound: we manage your network, keep an eye on your servers, protect your database, and whatever your business requires. These are ideal if you want the same level of protection as larger companies but lack the resources. Our responsibilities range from automatically updating your antivirus software to maintaining the integrity of your hardware with smart programs.

Cybersecurity Services

Probably the most important of all our IT support services, these involve protecting your networks and data from malicious attacks. By deploying numerous methods, such as installing antivirus software, firewall, network monitoring, and more, we can help strengthen your network’s security to make cyber attacks the least of your concern.

Remote Services

As the name suggests, this lets us offer remote service, mostly from our office to your location, by controlling your device and conducting troubleshooting steps through the internet. This can be used for various needs, like IT assistance and software repair. This is especially helpful if our technician isn’t physically available or during this time of Covid-19.

Should You Avail Our IT Support Services?

We like to say yes. Especially today when businesses are mainly driven by IT, it’s easy to get left behind without an effective IT partner.

But if you’re a small business owner and don’t have enough resources as the bigger companies, investing in a third-party solution seems risky. You can consider the following when thinking about whether you need small business IT support or not:

  1. Do you often deal with malware attacks and network disruptions?
  2. Are projects usually stalled and delayed because you lack staff or the needed expertise?
  3. Is your communication system messy and disorganized? Do emails frequently get lost and is setting up calls and meetings a long and difficult process?
  4. You can’t recover and protect data and files in case a disaster, hardware malfunction, or malware intrusion happens?
  5. You’re looking for easier and more efficient ways to handle business-related tasks?
  6. You can’t use mobile and remote devices for work because they’re not synced to your business network?
  7. Do you need to expand your resources to meet the needs of new employees but don’t have the means to invest in new hardware?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you certainly need to outsource our services.

AsQuick IT: Your IT Support Services Provider

Any of our IT solutions above can do wonders for any struggling business. While outsourcing us can mean additional expenses for your company, just imagine what an effective IT solution can do for you. With a well-maintained system, you can easily reimburse that cost in no time. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help boost your business’s growth!

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