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Need IT Support Brisbane?

Your Local  provider Asquick IT support Brisbane  is your go to provider for any specific computer or computer network related problems. Onsite in the wider Brisbane area providing maintenance and managed it services to keep your business running smoothly or with ad-hoc emergency support when the IT gremlins strike.

What is  IT Support ?

IT simply means “information technology” and it is referring to all computer  and data network  Technology. You may also hear IT support being called (computer) technical support, both are the same thing. IT support is a service where businesses in this industry offer to help with their computer technology know how to anyone that needs their assistance.

You will usually find that IT support is used in helping to solve specific problems a company or individual may be having. If you are interested in the subject of IT support you can study it at college. There are several different ways that you can seek IT support and to be more specific, the different types of IT support. Listed below this paragraph is some information designed to assist you in understanding IT support, who IT support is for as well as how you can obtain it should you need to.

Asquick IT is your friendly IT support company Brisbane North that can assist you and will explain what they are doing in plain English. That way we know you understand how and what, and you know what you are paying for!

IT Backing Brisbane

Who is IT Support Brisbane for?

  • Personal IT support:

Usually you will find that whenever someone buys a laptop or computer they are issued with a guarantee, granting the buyer of the device free hardware support for a set period of time. Generally there is no mentioning of transferring your very precious files, programs and emails. That is one of the reasons you should talk to us at Asquick IT.  Once that guarantee has expired or if no initial guarantee was issued we are our specialist company that can offer you personal IT support in Brisbane when you need it.

  • Business IT support:

Companies and businesses in the wider Brisbane are can also benefit from our IT support. This is to ensure that your computer systems continue to work effectively and without any technical glitches. A lot of small to medium businesses don’t have te resource to have their own IT department. Asquick IT can be your specific IT support team that is continually monitoring your IT infrastructure and make sure it is performing at the required level. Our IT Support Brisbane Department  will make sure there are sufficient backup and fall back scenarios in place in case disaster strikes. Just in case  should anything go wrong that ultimately has an effect on a companies IT system.

Need IT Support in Brisbane: Call Asquick IT on 07 3350 6555

There are several different ways that you can gain access to our world class IT support.

If possible you can if you refer take your problem computer into our computer service and support centre on Gympie Road onthe border of  Aspley and Chermside, North Brisbane.   Our friendly technicians can assess the problem and propose a fixed price repair if repair is feasible, or otherwise help you choose another solution. If your data is not affected, or you have a backup we will be happy to assist in transferring all that to a new computer. another person.

An alternative is to call us and we might be able to talk you through the issue or we can be  connecting through the internet to your machine. Either way we will be happy to take your call.

We also do call-outs to support you with your IT problems. One of our qualified IT support technicians will come to you to help you getting rid of computer gremlins. For home computing we service Brisbane North, Brisbane Central and Brisbane South. We also do IT support in Moreton Bay Region.

Whichever method you choose to solve the problem you should be aware that IT support is available to anyone. While the above may be suitable for an individual, for businesses we will usually work with an IT support contract and or a remote management contract. This last one gives us the power to log into your servers from a distance and solve the problem without a callout fee.

Types of IT support

There are three main types of IT support:

  • Fixed Price

The scope of work is defined and we quote a fixed price to do a certain job. This model can be operated for personal computers and laptops that are dropped of for computer repair in the Brisbane IT support workshop and for business clients that have a well-defined project. For example: your business is moving premises. We can plan, manage and do the complete move of your IT systems. This could incorporate organizing Internet connection, data cabling and internal data network configuration, and finally moving the hardware across. We then deliver IT support to the employees to make sure their systems are working before we leave the premises.  We offer this service in the wider Brisbane Area, from Sunshine Coast to Gold Coast

  • Time and Material

A Time and Material IT support contract is pretty much self-explanatory. Customers signed-up to this type of contract will pay for any materials that might be needed as well as paying for the technician to attend and fix the problem. The technician’s labour charge will be at a pre-arranged rate, either hourly or as a set call out fee. This type of contract is operated by most IT support companies.

  • Block Hours

You will find that a Block Hour’s support contract is mostly used by businesses. A business using this type of contract will pay at a discounted rate for a set amount of hours which can then be used at your discretion over a set period of time.

IT Managed Services Brisbane

Businesses that sign up to a Managed Services contract will have a set price for  specific IT support requirements. This could be anything from 24/7 IT support for their customers to a visit from a qualified IT support technician whenever a problem cannot be remotely resolved. We can offer the onsite IT support for business in Brisbane, and South East Queensland from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast.

IT Support Brisbane: Conclusion

Asquick IT: your specialist IT support company in Brisbane. Our IT service area stretches from Gold Coast to Sunshine Coast. Give us a call to discuss you IT support need in the wider Brisbane and Moreton Bay area.







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