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How Are Our Managed IT Support Services Different From In-House IT Support?

IT support is in high demand these days. New start-up companies have even made this the core of their operations, putting a lot of pressure on more traditional companies to try to keep up. But offering IT support also comes with significant investments and while businesses spend billions of dollars a year to find the right IT person, that person will likely only be replaced in a year or so. Aside from the clear costs that come with hiring a new IT person, there’s also the question of how the new IT person can adjust to the changes made by your old employee. This is why more and more businesses are switching to managed IT support services: but should you also follow this trend? Let’s have a look.

In-House vs. Managed IT Support

In-House It Support

Having an in-house IT department means your IT infrastructure is physically-housed with you. This comes with a few benefits, including:

  • You have immediate access when issues arise and you have control over how they’re resolved.
  • An internal team has a deeper understanding of your business and IT infrastructure. This makes them a better choice to talk with other department heads about project works and IT-related stuff.
  • Some upper-management are more comfortable knowing their IT operations are within the vicinities of the office instead of being “out there,” which is the case for most managed IT support services provider.

But it can have a few drawbacks too, such as:

  • Recruitment, employment, and other new employee expenses that can really affect your budget.
  • Cost of replacing and updating hardware and software, which you also have to shoulder.
  • Security issues due to compromised employees or other activities that allow hackers to access your IT infrastructure. This was a common issue in the past few years so you may need to take a firmer stance on cybersecurity.
  • Lack of growth since you’re too focused on developing “what’s already there” instead of launching new in-house projects. Scaling can be difficult too, and you constantly need to redistribute your resources between support and execution.

Managed IT Support Services

On the other hand, managed IT support means outsourcing your IT needs. We’ll transform, run, and manage your business processes in-line with your goals.

Some benefits of outsourcing us include:

  • Employment costs are significantly reduced because our services come at a fixed rate. This means you can set your budget accordingly and there would be no surprise expenses along the way.
  • Overhead costs, or those used for hardware and software, are also reduced. A 2018 report shows that businesses allot almost 6% of their budget to IT. With us, this expense can be reduced.
  • Skillsets won’t be an issue since our managed IT support services team has experts in different IT fields. This also means innovations won’t be a problem.
  • You’ll get 24/7 IT support and monitoring. Issues can be addressed quickly so you don’t experience downtime (or at least only a little.)
  • We have strong security measures. We can detect threats and brush them off even before they happen so you don’t have to worry about your infrastructure’s security.

Do we have a disadvantage? We won’t necessarily call it a disadvantage but here’s what we came up with:

  • Traditional management may feel uncomfortable at first knowing your “IT department” is outsourced. Change can be difficult.

What Our Managed IT Support Services Can Offer

managed IT support services

No Performance Gaps

Performance gaps can be caused by several issues such as inadequate monitoring or untimely system upgrades. Having business IT services means these are taken care of so you can eliminate this pain point.

Training of New Applications

Inefficient training is usually the cause of poor adoption. Aside from implementing structures, our job is to teach and train your employees to get the most of these new developments.

Improved Productivity

Because there’s constant monitoring, we can greatly reduce downtime, which also means more profit for your business.

No Underutilized Applications

We won’t develop applications we think your business doesn’t need. Plus, since we have an expert in every aspect of technology (blockchain, data science, etc.) you’re assured that all applications will be used extensively and there won’t be any performance gaps.

Why Take Advantage of Our Managed IT Support Services?

There’s really a huge difference between us and an in-house IT department. However, if you want to reduce the risks and get out of a “break and fix” mode, then having us on board is a sure way to have an “always-on” option for your business’s success. 

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