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When Is It Time To Visit A Laptop Repairs Brisbane Store?

Today’s laptops are becoming increasingly thinner, faster, lighter, and the screens have become more impressive as well. However, this also means that it’s a lot harder to fit all this technology in a compact device. Compared to the laptops sold years ago, modern models aren’t just slimmer but also harder to disassemble and come with only a few repairable or replaceable parts. We know how frustrating a broken laptop is but don’t worry: AsQuick has your back. We’re certified PC repair technicians and specially trained to handle this type of repair. Have you checked your machine lately? Do you think it’s time our laptop repairs Brisbane technicians have a look?

Why are Laptop Repairs So Expensive?

The Use of Special Components

This is the main reason laptop repairs are more expensive. For manufacturers to keep things small and light, they have to make customized pieces that will only work for that specific model. 

Some brands don’t even manufacture replacement parts for their own products! So sometimes it’s up to us to find an alternative part or declare your laptop unrepairable.

More Integrated Circuits

Integrated circuits are the reason why devices have become smaller and smaller. However, their biggest disadvantage is that they don’t have hinges or screws that we can lift to replace faulty parts.

When ICs blow, finding a replacement is never that easy. This why laptop repairs Brisbane are a bit more expensive since we need to purchase the same ICs, which are just as expensive.

Some Parts are Designed to be Unrepairable

We’ll be completely honest here: although you really love your new laptop’s display, if it gets broken, we can’t promise that we can fix it. For example, to maintain the integrity of their products, Apple and other manufacturers use their own technology to seal all the proprietary components inside.

This means that we can only fix the display by finding the same laptop whose owner put the display on sale. This alone can cost hundreds of dollars, making the repair both difficult and expensive. 

What are Signs that You Need Laptop Repairs Brisbane?

laptop repairs Brisbane

There are many reasons why your laptop may start behaving abnormally. Here are some of the common red flags your laptop makes that call for repair:

The Battery Won’t Charge

You may need a new battery if your laptop fails to charge completely, won’t hold a charge, or won’t charge at all. While a laptop’s battery life typically lasts for two to four years, its life will still depend on how you use and charge it.

This issue can be caused by a faulty battery, an adapter cable that isn’t working, or a broken charging port. Simply bring your laptop to our shop so we can figure it out.

Unexpected Shutdown

Again, this laptop repairs Brisbane problem may be a battery issue. It may also be a screen error: if you hear your computer running but nothing shows up on the screen, try restarting your machine and see if it happens again.

However, if it’s none of the above, it may be a hard disk issue. This is a more serious problem so we highly suggest bringing your laptop in immediately.

Laptop Noises

These can be caused by a clogged fan, dirty vents, or computer build up. If it’s the fan, it can be an intermittent noise issue. If it’s the DVD-ROM drive, try ejecting the drive drawer and see if it stops.

But if you hear clicking or cracking sounds, it’s probably a hard drive failure. If you’re facing this issue or need more help figuring it out, don’t hesitate to contact our laptop repairs Brisbane shop.

Laptop Constantly Gets Hot

Laptops are designed to get a little warm during use. However, if you’re using a lap desk and can still feel the heat, try turning it off, disconnect the power cord, and perform the following to cool it down:

  • Wait for 10 minutes for the laptop to cool down.
  • Take out the battery. If it’s extremely hot, maybe it’s time to replace it.
  • The vents are probably clogged. Use a dusting cloth and wipe them gently.
  • Invest in a cooling pad.

If your laptop still gets too warm after making these changes, consider visiting our shop right now.

Why Choose Us for Your Laptop Repairs Brisbane Needs?

Laptops are such a necessity that having a reliable repair shop to fix them right away is a must. We highly recommend bringing your machine to our shop once it starts showing signs of damage to avoid the risk of larger, costlier repairs. We offer three affordable computer packages too, all with a one-year contract, so you’re confident that someone has your back when things go wrong.

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