Microsoft Cloud Computing Services

Microsoft Cloud Computing Services is definitely one of the oldest and biggest cloud platforms we see today. Companies can now get the best apps and software for their business on a monthly rental fee. This proves to be more economical and it definitely increases one’s efficiency. If you are still using traditional software and apps, it’s about time that you understand what Microsoft Cloud Computing Services can do for you. Maybe it’s about time that you make a big switch.

What are the Best Microsoft Cloud Computing Services?

Perhaps, you will understand further if we give you an overview of what these cloud services in Microsoft can specifically do for your organization.

Microsoft Azure

This amazing Microsoft Cloud Computing Service is commonly used by developers. It’s advisable if you want to create apps for your company. Some Fortune 500 companies are already using the technology and there are no signs of slowing down. We expect to see more in the coming years.

MS Office 365

Are you still using the old versions of Microsoft Office? If yes, then we urge you to use MS Office 365 instead. This is definitely an investment that your team can maximize. With the cloud option, your employees can easily collaborate and revise files. This eliminates the need for multiple email trails. You can get the following office applications from this cloud solution:

  • Word
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • OneNote
  • Outlook
  • Access
  • Publisher
  • Lync
  • InfoPath

What’s good about this solution is that you can access it using your PC, Mac, and even your mobile gadgets. That means you can work even if you are traveling. And if you want to hold online conferences, Office 365 can help you with it. You can share your screen and even take notes right away.

Microsoft SQL Server with MS System Center

Office 365 cloud computing
Office 365 cloud computing

This is recommended if you want to use a private cloud environment. This increases the security of your company data and information.

MS Windows Intune

This is Microsoft’s cloud-based management solution for mobile devices. Its primary goal is to keep your business data safe and secure. While we want to give your employees corporate access outside the office premises, we should also consider the confidentiality of that data they have at hand.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio can help your team create computer programs and apps.

Enterprise Mobility Suite

It’s a solution wherein you can manage multiple devices from one environment and it also protects your data. This is considered a new technology but a lot of enterprises are already using it.

Benefits of Microsoft Cloud Computing Services

If you are having doubts about switching, we will share with you the advantages of using the solution.

Cost Implications

When you use the solutions from Microsoft Cloud, you are essentially saving a lot of money while equipping your company with the best tools. This is because you don’t have to buy your own expensive server.

Safety and Security

Since Microsoft is already an established name, they have the capabilities to create the best technologies ensuring tight security. You don’t have to worry about your confidential data being available to the public.

Improved Performance

Using Microsoft Cloud solutions can also holistically improve your business performance. Since it uses global network of data centers, downtime is unlikely to occur.

Reasons Why Businesses Do Not Use Microsoft Cloud Computing Services

There are a number of reasons why businesses are not yet using cloud solutions. And below are the most common ones.

  • Their in-house IT team is not yet trained to work on cloud solutions.
  • They are not familiar with the concept itself.
  • They fear that it will delay some of their operations.
  • They have a misconception that it isn’t safe to use cloud solutions.

But all these reasons are just misconceptions. It can be easily addressed with proper education. We recommended that you talk to professionals such as AsQuick IT. They can provide you with detailed knowledge about Microsoft Cloud Computing Services. They will explain how it works and how your data will be kept secured.

Do not be afraid of the transition. A reliable cloud solutions provider will walk your team through all the processes. They will ensure that everything will be covered and that their own teams will be able to work on issues the soonest possible time.


Adaptability is important if you want your business to thrive. And that is why you also have to equip your company with the right tools. It gives your organization that competitive edge and it makes your operations even more efficient. Speaking of tools, why not use Microsoft Cloud Computing Services. Yes, it will entail you cost. However, you will see its advantages once you are using it. Your team members are likely to be more productive and can address company challenges in no time.


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