Business Cloud Computing Solutions?

Do you have an idea of how business cloud computing solutions can help your company? If you are still old-school and you use traditional forms of saving data and using applications, or you are having issues with your current IT support in Brisbane and IT setup? Then this article might help you understand the benefits of switching to cloud computing solutions.

What are Business Cloud Computing Solutions?

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Business cloud computing solutions means that you are using storage, computer networks, and applications through the internet or via a third-party cloud computing service. To date, a lot of companies consider business cloud computing solutions for its benefits. We will share with you its advantages in the next section.

Benefits of Switching to Business Cloud Computing Solutions

If you are having doubts if cloud services is the way to go, we have here the reasons why you have to maximize this option.

Business Cloud Computing Solutions are Flexible

What we love about cloud computing solutions is that these are generally flexible. You only use the storage or resources needed for your business. It will be easier if you want to scale your business.

Less Maintenance Cost

This is probably one of the best reasons why you have to consider business cloud computing solutions. If you must know, getting an in-house server can be expensive. It’s really a huge investment for your company. Getting the services of a cloud computing solutions company can tremendously improve your cash flow. This is highly advisable for small and start-up businesses.  Nevertheless, big corporations can benefit from it.

Improved Overall Business Performance with Business Cloud Solutions

When you use cloud computing solutions, you can improve your business performance. Do you have an idea why?  Cloud solutions are ideal for collaborative projects. Even if your team isn’t in the same room, you can easily share files and do necessary revisions. And for example, you have to resolve a specific issue, you can minimize email trails because cloud solutions allow you to retrieve files. In fact, you can easily identify who did what.

Focus on Income Generating Activities

Using business cloud computing solutions is the best option if you want to focus on growing your business. It’s because you don’t have to worry about maintenance and other related issues. Just call up your service provider while you close a big deal with your next client.

More Space for Your Employees

In-house servers can take up physical space. And if you have huge operations, then expect that you will need bigger equipment. With business cloud solutions, you can save that space for other use. Say, for example, you can create a small lounge for your employees where they relax during their break. Or how about a conference room to house your important meetings. The options are endless. And you can do that if you hire the services of a business cloud computing solutions company.

Safety of Cloud Computing Solutions

Many people are not convinced that cloud solutions are safe. We are not saying that there are no risks. Everything has a risk, even an in-house server. But according to experts, using cloud computing solutions is proven to be safer than traditional means of storing files. And with the technology we have, you can expect that the cloud solutions will improve year after year.

Types of Business Cloud Computing Solutions

Web-Based Services

When you use web-based services, you can choose multiple web functions rather than the entire application. For example, you can use these services for your accounting or payroll needs. You can get these web-based services and then use it with your existing solution.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Generally, IaaS can be used as your backup storage. It is known as your foundation for SaaS (will be discussed later) and other cloud-related functions.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

According to statistics, SaaS is the most commonly used cloud computing by businesses and companies. Are you familiar with Office 365? It is where you can use Microsoft Office applications through a monthly subscription.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

This refers to the operating system and hardware used to implement and manage multiple cloud applications. This is essential if you want to avoid all the frills of managing and maintaining cloud solutions.

There are a lot of business cloud computing solutions available in the market. However, if you want to work with a company that has already established its credibility and reputation, then give AsQuick IT a call for your support with Cloud Computing in Brisbane


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