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At Asquick IT, we are equipped to offer homes and businesses the best Windows Support Brisbane for all versions of Windows.

Our support services also include a wide range of Microsoft services and software. We will ensure the continued stability and support of your Windows.

Our Windows support covers:

  • Windows 10

    Windows Support Brisbane
    Windows Support Brisbane
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 95 / 98
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows Server 2000

Whatever your needs are, we have the resources, skills and experience to ensure your Windows system is running smoothly.


Windows Problems We Can Help You With


There are so many Windows issues homes and businesses face on daily basis. Some of the common problems include:


  • Unable to Upgrade to the Latest Version of Windows

Windows 10 usually receives big updates every now and then. Each major Windows 10 update introduces a number of new features among other things.

Regardless of the stability of Windows 10, you are most likely to experience problems when updating to the latest version.

You don’t have to experience any updating issues. Our Windows Support Brisbane team has all the solutions for you.

  • Windows Update is not Working

We have encountered many cases of Windows update not working. You don’t have to undergo the long process of troubleshooting.

Our experts have the knowledge and tools that will ensure your Windows updates are working as usual.

  • Cannot Find Safe Mode when You Need It

Safe mode loads Windows with a minimum configuration and can develop a stable environment when Windows gets corrupted.

It goes beyond a clean boot in that it eliminates third-party software from launching at the boot and also reduces Windows start-up processes to essential ones only.

So, you need our help to recover your operating system safe mode. You never know when you will need it the most.

  • Memory Problems (Bad RAM)

Errors with memory are normally challenging to diagnose because they can appear irregularly and you might mistake them as application errors.

In some cases, these errors might cause your system to hang, blue screen of death error might occur, or Windows continues to run with data getting corrupted or apps giving errors.

Our Windows Support Brisbane team will quickly eliminate memory as the source of a problem or identify a problem with memory.

  • A Corrupted Windows System File

The system file checker is a legacy tool that looks to check the reliability of each file in the system that is present within the Windows installation, such as Internet Explorer.

A corrupted system file can cause security vulnerabilities and system instability, and can lead to sub optimal performance during normal operation.

  • Corrupted or Missing Service Program

When a Windows related service fails to launch, the problem can be caused by a missing or corrupted service program. Also, the service program might be poorly configured.

Our experts will find the root of the problem, such as a missing DLL program or a broken application between the main program and a component.

  • Fragmentation and Slow Boot Time

Fragmentation is a major factor in slow boot times. We have encountered many cases of Windows taking longer durations to reboot that previously took a minute or less.

This situation can deteriorate to the point where your Windows will not boot up at all. Even freshly installed Windows may experience bad fragmentation.

This is a problem that our IT Support Brisbane team can easily fix and get your system up and running in no time.


Our Windows Support Brisbane Service Include


#1 Windows Server Support

We offer Windows server installation, troubleshooting, configuration, maintenance and support for your existing server infrastructure.

#2 Data Recovery and Care

Imagine losing all your data – all your files gone in a moment of madness. We have come across many clients who had lost almost everything.

If you have a huge data loss episode, whether at your home or at your business premises, you want to get this problem fixed as quickly as possible.

Asquick IT Windows Support Brisbane services offers three ways to get you data back, which include:

  • In-lab data recovery services
  • Recovery software
  • Get our data rescue plan

#3 Onsite Windows Support

Are you facing Windows problems, including bad RAM, slow boot time, and corrupted system files among others?

Our Asquick IT team will come onsite to provide comprehensive Windows support. We will fix any issues you might be experiencing onsite.

#4 Network Support and Design

Asquick IT experts are well-trained in all aspects of Windows and IT networking. We have worked with all enterprises of all sizes and shapes.

Are you experiencing issues with your Windows operating system and Windows related programs? Need business IT services?  Get our Windows Support Brisbane service today. We are a phone call away.







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