Office 365 Migration Brisbane

Office 365 Migration Brisbane


AsQuick IT Office 365 Migration Brisbane simplifies your Office 365 migration. We are the best Cloud solution consultants in Brisbane area. Our mission is to make small to medium businesses more successful through our extensive knowledge of Office 365.

Are you planning to transition from the traditional Microsoft Office to the Cloud-based Office 365 and you are based in the wider Brisbane area? At AsQuick IT, we offer extensive experience, proven methodology, and unmatched expertise to leverage the numerous benefits of Office 365 for your growing business.


Why You Should Migrate to Office 365 in Brisbane


Office 365 is a Cloud resolution that is having a great impact on information technology and its role in business. Office 365 represents change from the way people used to work to a new way of working.

Its proven advantages include lowering the cost of IT services and enabling high user productivity. We believe that the profit factor is a universal driving force for businesses in Brisbane area, and it can only be achieved with Office 365.

Small businesses are for the most part sensitive to change mainly because they do not have the resources to handle long slumps, and many look at information technology as an optional expense. But that should not be the case.

Microsoft Office 365 is what you know. Microsoft Cloud services reduce operating costs and increase worker productivity. It provides a cost-effective alternate to buying a brand new Microsoft Exchange Software as well as servers.


Office 365 Migration Brisbane: Options


There is more than one path you can use to migrate your business from mailbox to Office 365. You need our Office 365 migration Brisbane services to help you improve data migration performance and enhance migration velocity.


IMAP – Internet Message Access Protocol

We will help you use the Exchange Management Shell or the Exchange Admin Center to migrate the data of your mailboxes from Internet Message Access Protocol messaging system to your Office 365 mailboxes, which takes account of mailboxes from separate hosted email services, including Yahoo or Gmail.


Cutover Migration

This is a simple exchange migration solution for small and medium sized businesses in Brisbane to move to Office 365. A cutover migration simply begins the process of migrating all your mailboxes from your on-premises Exchange Server to Exchange Online in just a single step.

We consider cutover migration to be one of the most convenient solution for small and medium business. If your business handles less than two thousand mailboxes, then this might be a good fit for you, especially if you want the entire process to be over as quickly as possible.


Staged Migration

A staged migration allows you to choose the mailboxes that will be migrated to Exchange Online, and move at your own pace. However, during the migration process, users of both Exchange Online and Exchange Server on-premises are in separate environments. Thus, these users will not have access to shared Global Address List or busy/free information.

During the migration, all emails that are routed through the on-premises Exchange Server are also retained locally, which provides for rollback if required. Staged migration is ideal for the latest forms of Exchange Email Servers. Therefore, if your business has an older version, we might suggest a hybrid or cutover.


Hybrid Migration

Unlike the cutover model, hybrid migration is a lot more complex. A hybrid migration is a combination of Cloud-base services and on-premises applications. Exchange hybrid solution may well include utilizing an Exchange Online in Office 365 and an Exchange Server on-premises.

We will show you how a hybrid migration provides you the flexibility to move to the Cloud at your own pace and on your own terms. A hybrid deployment also provides: on-premises customization, significant footprint in remote locations, manageability, and gradual migration to the online model.


How fast is your Environment?


Once you have selected the perfect migration option for your business, our Office 365 migration Brisbane experts will help you determine how fast your environment is. There are a number of factors that can interfere with the speed of your Office 365 migration.

Therefore, we will conduct a test migration to expose any issues with the migration speed. Another important factor that we will take into consideration along with the speed is whether or not you belong to a shared tenant.


In Summary


It is important to always clean up content after Office 365 migration. There are instances where after migration, web parts end up missing. In some situations, links on a web page may need to be reconfigured if they were hard-coded.

In such cases, you will not have to handle the reconfiguration of the missing web parts because we will do it for you. Therefore, we lessen your burden by adding clean up to the migration schedule that we will be working with.

We are very professional and customer focused Office 365 migration Brisbane provider. You do not have to deal with the challenges of Office 365 migration internally. Contact us and we will give you the peace of mind you urgently need.

Office 365 Migration Brisbane

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