Wireless Network Installation Brisbane

Wireless Network installation Brisbane: 2.4 GHz vs 5 GHz.

It is impossible to imagine our world without the use of wireless devices. The number of available wireless networks is increasing because almost every household has their own wireless network at home. Mainly in flats or areas of high density living, the number of available wireless networks is vast. It can become a challenge to find your own network in the long list of available wireless routers.
At Asquick IT we try to take away the geek speak and give you our honest opinion on the best wireless network installation to be used for your situation in Brisbane.

Wireless Network Installation Brisbane

So how does it work: The Wireless network

To give you and understanding what a wireless network is without becoming too technical, you will find a simplified explanation below on the working of a Wifi network.
Image that the wifi router is the place where a stone hits a nirror like lake. Where the stone hits the water, rings form circles around the stone. In our case, the stone is the network (the router). The water rings are the radio signals that the router transmits.

These signals (water rings) change, get disturbed or stopped by the objects they are hitting.

• In our houses there are many concrete walls with sometimes metal reinforcements. These walls disturb the signals, reducing the range and speed of the network. Metal is a conductong and can reduce the signal strenght by leaking it to the earth, or sometimes magnetic influence.
• Other signals that can disrupt the signal of a wireless network are wireless devices that use the same type of wireless signals. E.g. if we throw multiple stones in the water the rings will interfere.

Wireless routers deliver their information in two different bandwiths one called 2.4GHz, and the other 5GHz.

2.4GHz WIFI network

2.4GHz is the frequency of the wave at which the signal is broadcasted. This can be compared to a speaker from a radio. Low heavy tones produce very different vibrations as high tones. Low tones travel further but can carry less information. Also a lot of home appliances and wireless devices (e.g. microwave, wireless home phone) use that same frequency. This frequency can get very crowded and due to that deliver a lot of distorted information. The signals will disturb each other and thus lead to a poorer range and lower speeds. Some of the information will need to be resend a few times before it gets to its destination.

5GHz WIFI network

The 5GHz network can be seen as a network with signals that are on a different (shorter) wavelength. The vibration speed of the signals is higher to that of 2.4GHz. ortunately there are not many other applications using the higher frequency , and this ensures a better performance of the WiFi. This is because there is a lot less interference and distubance going on.

Advantages of a 5GHz network:

– There are far fewer devices that work on this, so fewer disruptions;
– The signals do not go as far as 2.4GHz networks, so you also suffer less from neighbors;
– Because of the other form of the signal you can have range in places where you did not have that first.

Disadvantage of a 5 Ghz Network:

– The area it covers will be lower than from its 2.4 GHz Router.
Newer WiFi systems can transmit and receive signals on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz band. Older devices can then still use the 2.4 GHz network and newer devices from the 5 GHz network. When you are a bit further away from the router you can still have connection on the 2.4 Ghz network at a lower speed. This way you can have the best of both worlds.

Wireless Network Installation Brisbane

In summary

If you can choose between both networks then you can best use a 5GHz network. This is because far fewer devices work with this, and therefore there are many times less disruption of the signal.

Talk to you wireless network installation specialist in Brisbane to discuss your needs and we will help you decide on the perfect solution: 07 3350 6555

Asquick IT can also help you connecting you to the internet in Brisbane Northside, Brisbane southside or in between. We have also a vast experience in setting up Brisbane NBN connections when available in your area.

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