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Common Issues Our Fix Computer Brisbane Technicians Repair

Computers, no matter what impressive hardware you use, will eventually break or malfunction with time. You probably tried fixing it yourself first to save on repair costs. But if it behaves abnormally again days after you tried “fixing” it, maybe it’s time to consult our computer repair shop. Whether it’s a laptop or a desktop, you can trust our experts to fix it in no time so you can get your device back as fast as possible. In this post, let’s talk about common computer issues, some troubleshooting steps you can try, and why we should be your first fix computer Brisbane shop of choice.

What Computer Problems Do We Normally Fix?

Fix Computer Brisbane

Computer Won’t Start

If your PC finds it difficult to start or suddenly shuts down, it can be a sign of a failing power supply. Make sure that your computer is plugged in correctly to an outlet. If it is but it still doesn’t work, plug a different working device into the outlet to see if there’s enough power.

Blank Screen

This can indicate an issue between your computer and the monitor. If you own a desktop, check to see if the connection between the hard drive and monitor is secure. However, for laptops, this can be more difficult to detect so we suggest visiting our fix computer Brisbane technicians the soonest.

Frozen Screen

This can be a sign of insufficient RAM, corrupted files, or even spyware. For this, press the power button until the system shuts down, turn it on again, and start cleaning your machine so it won’t happen again.


This usually happens when your computer case lacks a sufficient cooling system. To solve this, turn your computer off and wait for several minutes to let it cool down. You can also check the fan to see if it’s still working properly.

Dropped Internet Connection

Once you made sure it’s not a problem with your internet provider, this can be a sign of a driver problem or viruses. These are something we can help you with.

What Makes Us a Good Fix Computer Brisbane Shop Choice?

Right Qualifications

A good computer shop should always have updated licenses. Its technicians must have the right background too, including the experience and skills needed in this industry.

Our founder has been in the IT industry for nearly two decades and has seen almost all IT issues out there. We’re passionate and knowledgeable individuals committed to fulfilling all your IT requirements.

Variety in Services

Some customers may be experiencing hardware issues while some may be facing software problems. If you’re looking for a computer shop that you can rely on, it should be able to handle both. Our fix computer Brisbane shop can take care of either area.

For instance, we can help detect viruses that can infect your computer while browsing the internet. Meanwhile, our data recovery services can help retrieve lost data during the virus infection.

We can fix physical damages to your computer, too! This can range from broken laptop screens to pieces falling off. Plus, we can even advise which accessories you can use to prevent the damage from happening again.


The computer repair store you choose should always be happy to serve you. The technicians should be as enthusiastic as you to have your machine fixed. This is our promise in our fix computer Brisbane shop.

Here in our shop, we treat all computers the same way. No matter how big or small the problem is, we make sure to give you good customer service and a pleasant overall experience. 


We pride ourselves on providing 24/7/365 services. Your computer can malfunction any time and you can count on our services from dusk ‘til dawn. 

We service customers throughout Brisbane so you could get the support you need when you need it. We offer remote services too, where you can stay at home while we remotely access your PC from our location.

Why Pick Our Fix Computer Brisbane Shop Among the Others?

Finding a good computer store that meets your needs can be tricky. But, hopefully, this post will help you find the right one…or make you agree we’re a perfect choice. For more of our services to make sure your systems are in check, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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