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AsQuick IT is your certified and experienced computer troubleshooting Brisbane. Convenient solutions for those unexpected computer problems.


Why You Need Us?

It is always frustrating when a computer does not work correctly. Tracking down a major problem can be very time consuming, especially if you have no idea of where to begin.

One of the major hurdles is establishing whether the problem is software or hardware related. Even after you have made such a determination, you still may have difficulty locating the source of the problem.

No need of second-guessing. Just transfer the problem to us and our computer troubleshooting Brisbane experts will take over.

With us you will get:

  • Quick response to local calls
  • Qualified IT experts who are Microsoft partners
  • Competitive rates for our services
  • Experienced and reliable service


Computer Troubleshooting Brisbane

Can I Try To Solve the Problem Before I Contact You?

Definitely yes. But do you know where to begin. Do you have extensive knowledge of the various computer problems you need to check out?

What’s changed?

The very first step in solving any computer related issue is to ask yourself what has changed on your system. Have you recently installed a new piece of hardware or software?

Loading a new software can cause strange problems. Many times, a new piece of software will have a DLL file with the same name as an existing DLL file that was installed by another program.

If the original DLL file is overwritten, the programs that depends on it won’t work correctly. In fact, there are some programs that make changes to your operating system without checking for existing versions of the program.

Common Problems You May Be Able to Solve

  • Computer behaves strangely
  • PC does not power up
  • Disk or non-system disk error when booting
  • Nothing displays on the monitor when switching on PC
  • Not able to login Windows
  • Slow web browsing or unable to access internet

What You Should Try on Your Own

Connect all the devices that are giving you issues correctly. In most cases, network cables or surge protectors may be switched off or unplugged.

In the event that you are using an application that requires you to save data, you should do so prior to calling for help. End sessions that need you to communicate with other PCs, such as an email client.

Close all running applications and log off your computer and log in after a short period of time. This should stop issues related to any specific application you were previously running.

Go ahead and close all the applications and shut down your PC if you are still experiencing issues. Then restart it after a few minutes.

If you are dealing with a slow PC, you should close some of the programs you are running. Remove malware and viruses by performing a complete system scan. Also, free up as much space as you can from your hard disk.

You should also think of uninstalling redundant programs, defragment your hard disk, and upgrade your hardware. Otherwise you should try to reinstall windows if none of the above works.

Note: If you are unable to unmask what has changed on your PC and the problem is still persisting, then it is time you seek our dependable computer troubleshooting Brisbane solutions.


On-Site or Remote Troubleshooting

AsQuick computer technicians are continually at your service to deal with any issues you may have at home or at the office. The actions and solutions we come up with depend on the type of issues you are experiencing.

Our remote computer maintenance only takes place with your say so. We will continually update you on all the minor and major things we are doing in the effort of restoring your computer’s life. You can even interrupt the troubleshooting process in case of anything.

Our computer troubleshooting Brisbane process may include:

  • Deleting viruses
  • Data restore and backup
  • Checking as well as cleaning disks
  • Software and system update
  • Speeding up your PC
  • Software and antivirus installation
  • Equipment optimisation
  • Identifying corrupted files
  • Video card upgrade
  • LCD monitor repair
  • Printer setup
  • Upgrading computer and network security
  • Memory upgrades
  • Resolving the blue screen of death
  • Laptop screen/keyboard replacement
  • Upgrading drivers

In conclusion

We are the leading computer troubleshooting Brisbane providers. Basically, there is no solution that we cannot come up with.

Our experienced IT experts use their wide-ranging expertise and knowledge to provide you with recommendations for preventing future problems with your PC.

We will discuss with you in detail, options that can help protect your personal computer from malware and viruses because we do not want you to experience similar issues in the future.

If you live near or in Brisbane North and Gold Coast and you require computer troubleshooting service, please call us today.

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