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Who provides the best Office 365 Support in Brisbane? We are, AsQuick IT.

We are the experienced and competent IT experts who understand how Office 365 works. We re-define how and where you work with Office 365 Support and because we work with clients of multiple industries, we can use that blended knowledge in our  IT support Brisbane to your benefit.

We work with businesses of all sizes who use Office 365 applications, such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Partner with AsQuick IT to transform the way your organization works.

We will help transform your business in the office as well as on the go. Our very capable experts will take account of migration, consulting, and management to lower your overall costs.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a set of technologies delivered as a SaaS offering. This suite of technologies reduces the IT costs for your business.

Moving to Office 365 comes with some key aspects as well as benefits. Namely, your business gets to keep on using the same software you are well-acquainted with.

But now the burden shifts to Microsoft. Besides shifting the burden to Microsoft, AsQuick IT Office 365 Support Brisbane covers other key benefits.

Office 365 Support Brisbane

Office 365 Support Features

At AsQuick IT, we have the depth and breadth to support your organization and help you make the most of Office 365. Here are the major support features that we will help you with.

Proactive Support

We ensure that your Office 365 services are provided with an assured 99.9% uptime as promised by Microsoft.

You get to know the current status of your business’ Office 365 services, and make sure that you have details of your past and current issues.

It is also our task to ensure that you are aware of planned maintenance schedule of your Office 365 services.

Assisted Support

AsQuick IT experts deliver web/email support by optimizing issue resolution. We present your issues to the most conversant support agents in our team.

We provide pre-sales support by ensuring that Office 365 resources are available to you. In addition, we offer your business support with issues concerning your account as well as Office 365 licenses.

Technical Support

In addition to the technical support you can get from a global network of Microsoft experts, we also offer you, Office 365 Support Brisbane by severity.

  • Non-Critical: We will offer our support for issues that present minimal productivity or service impact on your organization.
  • High: We will handle high risk issues that affect your business’ productivity, but have moderate impact on your organization.
  • Critical: We will also tackle critical issues that prevent you from using or accessing your Office 365 services. These are usually events that affect multiple services or users.

Our Office 365 Support also covers:

  • System consultation and project scope
  • Managing patch roll-outs and updates
  • Ensuring that Office 365 is properly configured and works on multiple devices
  • Internet and computer connection support
  • Ensuring that new employees are setup properly

Office 365 Support Benefits

With Our Office 365 Support you will be able to discover the benefits of Office 365, including:

  • Streamline migration and deployment
  • Get your stuff done from anywhere
  • Store, sync as well as share your business files
  • Get the right people to work together to get the job done
  • Get easy access to your calendar and email on the go
  • You are linked to everything that is work-related and important
  • Video conferencing and instant messaging
  • Get rid of the need as well as cost for software and servers
  • Stay up to date with the latest Office 365 capabilities

All the above benefits help you generate greater productivity. You achieve superior productivity when there is more simplicity on how you run Office 365.

Whether it is a business analyst drafting procedure documents and policy or a business owner setting-up a new employee on Microsoft Word.

Once the technology is no longer in your way, you will be able to pay more attention to your job, and you become more productive.

Our Office 365 support crew helps you work with what you know. Office 365 has not changed anything that you are used to, but you get to access everything from the Cloud.

In Summary

With fully certified Microsoft Professionals on our team, we can help you make the most out of your venture with our Office 365 Support Brisbane.

Get it right from the very beginning. Let the geeks at AsQuick IT help you discover the Office 365 plan that is ideal for your organization.

Our crew of technical specialists will unveil the root of those infuriating issues that may pop up. We are fully prepared to deal with any issue or question, no matter how small or big.

Partner with us to help you undo any ill-advised IT implementation, initiate correct conversations concerning your IT, and help you understand your organization and not just the IT systems.

Do not lose your competitive advantage, contact AsQuick IT today and discuss our Office 365 Support services!



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