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Are you facing computer problems in Brisbane North? We deliver same-day diagnostic services. With us, you will get your computer fixed within 24 to 48 hours!


Who Are We?

Your local computer repairs Brisbane North.

At AsQuick Computers we’re dedicated to delivering the best computer repairs and customer service available for you. We provide computer repair services to businesses and homes in need of computer  and IT support Brisbane.

As the leading provider, there isn’t a computer problem that we cannot handle. The AsQuick experts will diagnose your technical issue to unveil the root of the problem, whether it is related to hardware or software.

We understand the anguish when you are disconnected from your laptop, PC, or Mac. That is why our experts deliver same day services, when and where you need them. Our computer repair technician Brisbane can visit your office or home to fix the issues.


Why Us?

It’s simple, really! We are the best in computer, laptop, and PC repairs in Brisbane North.

  • You Come to Us or We Come to You

We are the most flexible computer repairers in town. All you have to do is contact us, and we will without delay come to your home or your place of business. Alternatively, you can bring your PC, laptop, Mac, or computer problems to our workshop in Brisbane North.

  • No Charges for Calling Us

Callouts to us are free, we will only charge you for the services we offer. We will not charge you for presenting your computer problems to us. And you can always pay us a visit at our workshop in Brisbane North.

  • We Are More Than Computer Repairers

If you are looking for a well-established and a highly versatile computer repairs company, we’re the perfect match. Apart from fixing computers, we also do virus removal, computer networking, internet security, and data recovery and backup to mention a few.

  • Genuinely Affordable Computer Repairs

We will not break your bank because we charge reasonably to fix the problems with your PC, laptop, computer, or Mac. We set prices for common issues.

Our callout service in Brisbane North extend to Gold Cost to Sunshine Coast. We also provide full IT support for local businesses in Brisbane.

Computer Repairs Brisbane North

Our Computer Repairs Services

Virus Removal

Obviously, you want your computers to be secure against threats. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as absolute security, where a computer is either secure or it is not.

You may take a great deal of technical precautions to safeguard your home or office computers, but your protection is unlikely to be effective against a determined attacker with adequate resources.

Our virus removal services are crucial for you because viruses often use various techniques, such as self-encryption to remain undetected by antivirus software. Not to mention that they are easily propagated through file downloads, infected USB drives, and email attachments.

At AsQuick Computers, we always update ourselves on what happens with new computer viruses, and how to get rid of them from your computer systems.

Internet Connection

This is the trickiest item on anyone’s internet access requirements. That’s because the internet service provider industry is in a constant and often very confusing state of flux. In Brisbane, there are several options for connecting to the internet.

Normally, you will find that there are several internet connection options to choose from. Perhaps one or two local ISPs and several other national ISPs. We at AsQuick Computers understand all the choices, and we will help you choose the best option for your home or business.

We will provide you with the best Wi-Fi options to make sure that your family or business is fully secured when connecting to the internet.

Data Recovery Services

AsQuick Computers understand the frustration and panic you are likely to experience when you lose your data. It is absolutely frightening when your home or office computer system crashes and you hadn’t backed up your data.

No need to worry; at AsQuick Computers we are experts in recovering your data. We perform data recovery from the following devices:

  • Computer desktop
  • Laptops and Mac
  • High-Capacity Storage Drives
  • External Hard drives
  • USB Sticks, XD, MMC, & Micro and Mini SD Cards
  • Android and iPhone Devices

We combine our expertise, practical experience, and intuition to provide data recovery in the shortest time possible.

Slow Computer

Your computer may be getting slow on purpose. This is certainly not your fault. Instead, it’s probably the fault of some software you have running, which requires our attention.

AsQuick Computers have more than one solution for your slow computer, which include: upgrading CPU, memory, hard drives, and video cards; replacing broken parts; and propose new and effective purchases.

Laptop Screen Broken

You never know when you will accidentally drop your laptop, resulting into a broken screen. Or when you will inadvertently close your laptop with an object in between.

We at AsQuick Computers can do all your broken laptop screen replacements. All you have to do is reach out to us with the model and make of your laptop. We will get back to you with a price quote for the replacement.


In Summary

Across any platform, be it a mainframe system, minicomputer or personal computer, the concept of computer maintenance is necessary.

We understand that by the very nature of a computer being an electrical device, it has a mean time to failure associated with each of its component parts.

Your computer systems need to be serviced every six to twelve months to ensure that everything is working.

Call AsQuick Computers today to make sure that your system is functioning properly. We will offer you the best computer repairs Brisbane.

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